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Employment and Courses

HNA Myanmar Oil & Gas is deeply committed to contributing to the economic and social development of the countries where we operate. Fostering the creation of local businesses, accompanying micro-entrepreneurship and supporting employment and training are all objectives that rally our teams. Promoting Local Employment HNA Myanmar Oil & Gas sometimes operates in remote, even… Continue reading Employment and Courses

Infrastructure and Energy Development in Myanmar

Myanmar is actively engaged in bolstering its Energy & Infrastructure sector through an ambitiousprogram aimed at addressing existing shortfalls and meeting the nation’s growing needs. The NationalElectrification Plan (NEP), a collaborative effort with the World Bank and the UN, outlines key milestonestoward achieving full electrification, targeting 50% access by 2020, 75% by 2025, and completeelectrification… Continue reading Infrastructure and Energy Development in Myanmar

Education and Cultural Transmission

The concept of education encompasses the teaching and acquisition of specific skills, as well as a moreabstract yet profound aspect involving the imparting of knowledge, good judgment, and wisdom. HNA views education as a process of socializing the younger generation, a continual effort to instill inchildren’s ways of perceiving, feeling, and behaving that may not… Continue reading Education and Cultural Transmission

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