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Education and Cultural Transmission

The concept of education encompasses the teaching and acquisition of specific skills, as well as a more
abstract yet profound aspect involving the imparting of knowledge, good judgment, and wisdom.

HNA views education as a process of socializing the younger generation, a continual effort to instill in
children’s ways of perceiving, feeling, and behaving that may not arise spontaneously. One of the
fundamental goals of education is the transmission of culture from one generation to the next—a
cultural continuity that must not be disrupted. Cultural elements, including beliefs, skills, art, literature,
philosophy, religion, and music, are passed down through various agents such as family, school, and
other social associations. The preservation and transmission of this social heritage are essential for the
maintenance of societies.

In all societies, education serves the crucial function of cultural transmission. The school curriculum,
extracurricular activities, and informal interactions among students and teachers play a role in
communicating social skills and values. Schools contribute to the transmission of values like
cooperation, team spirit, obedience, and discipline. Education serves as an integrative force in society by
fostering values that unite different segments of the population. Schools teach children skills that
facilitate their integration into the cultural fabric of society. Whether in a formal or informal setting,
education has been fulfilling this role since time immemorial, bringing about significant changes in
various aspects of human life.

In line with this perspective, HNA has chosen to contribute to the education sector of the new
generation. Their involvement extends beyond the confines of a profit-driven corporate social
responsibility budget, as they collaborate with international organizations to make a more impactful
contribution to the community.

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